quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Paraglider Wasser 2007 - 2010

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  1. UAU! Isso é que viver nas nuvens! Incrível a sensação de liberdade que o vídeo constrói. Parabéns!

  2. No comment! But of course I will..just can't..smiles.

    God,how wonderful! What a nice surprise to see you in action - smiles.It's absolutely divine, actually now "I forgive you" :p becouse you don't write more frequently on your blogs, bcz that's an awesome hobby. Love it!

    1. Who take the shot?
    2 What was the height at which you flew?
    3. How many hours did you flight in this one (movie)?
    4. It's hard to handle the direction of flight?
    5. How often fly in by month?

    Right now.. only those questions. I'll be back! - Smiles

    All the Best of the Best for you and your family! Superb!

    A sweet and nice weekend!


  3. Hi again! Dy.
    thanks for the compliment.
    Let go to the answers:
    1 - some films were made by me, other relatives and friends, and one by my wife and another by my daughter.
    2 - the maximum height that was reached was around 1500 meters from the soil - too cold up there! the soil in this place must have been about 500 meters from sea level ...
    3 - as are several flights (collection), the one which I flew more time was approximately 2 hours.
    4 - It is very easy to control the paraglider. We go where we want, If we have thermals to help.
    5 - I have done, on average, one flight a month, but is an average.
    Come always to visit this humble blog.
    And feel free to ask whatever you want ... I am very pleased to welcome U here.
    So long and all the best for you.

  4. smiles. Thx for all answers. Now, you have an award to pick-up from my blog. :P

    All the Best of The best!

  5. Obrigadão, Mariana.

    2 coisas me colocam nas nuvens: Voar literalmente e estar com minha esposa e filhas figurativamente!!!

    Inté e obrigado.

  6. Voaram com você e seus filhos? Absolutamente lindo ha ha! sorrisos