sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Kieron Williamson - Quem poderia explicar?

Kieron Williamson - Who could explain?

                Este garoto nasceu em Nortfolk, na Inglaterra, e tem hoje apenas 9 anos.

                This boy was born in Nortfolk in England and now has just nine years.
                Começou pintando de forma surpreendente dinossauros aos 3 anos de idade.

                He began painting, in a surprising way, dinosaurs when he was 3 years old.

                Os primeiros quadros na qualidade que são apresentadas aqui foram pintados aos 5 anos de idade.

                The first pictures as they are presented here were painted with 5 years of age.

                Existe atualmente mais de 2000 pessoas em lista de espera para comprar um de seus quadros.

                There are currently over 2000 people on the waiting list to buy one of his paintings.
                A pergunta é a seguinte: O que torna uma criança de apenas 5 anos capaz de tal realização? Já pensaram a respeito? Já chegaram a uma conclusão? Eu já...

                The question is: What makes a child of only five years capable of such achievement? Have you thought about? Already reached a conclusion? I've ...

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  1. Oh, my Gush! smiles.These are fabulous, gorgeus.
    You know..when a child turns off and open the lights playing many times, he learns about cause and effect...when he pour a cup of water in his sandstone, he learned about mass and volume ..( of course this knowledge is practical, not theoretical)...

    He will not learn these concepts, but will meet in practice, experimenting by alone. Moreover, kids who are most curious failure to achieve the results best in school...and from this all it;s start. This inner curiosity pushes them to learn better than any external pressure..until they become adults..and so on ..smiles.
    I think that was a bet with himself ..from just curiosity..What's your opinion about that?

    Like this it "sounds" to me what happen with this child ...until next time wishing you the best and a great Sunday!


  2. Thanks for posting, Dyeve.
    I agree with U about the way children usually learn about everything, but I think even if U have a piano available in your living room and encourage a child everyday to play, in almost 100% of the cases U will not get a genious there...
    I hve got my opinion by two ways:

    1 - I'm spiritist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiritism

    2 - I studied for a long time the works of Ian Stevenson, and these readings have given me support for something that previously I only believed.



    For the books (I strongly suggest):


    But to be clear: it is my opinion.
    Tks and feel free to tell me what you think of my opinion!

  3. Wow - thanks for the links, I still use amazon but not always.

    smiles - Of course each of us we are free to think as we want .. And yea, you're right with that example - is in vain if the child hasn't talent at all ..you can put thousands of teachers to teach him ..but if we don't drop a bit from his soul - it's almoust nothing. Same for adults - smiles.

    Wishing you the Best!