quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010

Em setembro - In september... Nosso Lar

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  1. Thanks for this trailer. .. Is one of the answers I seek .. for a long time ..about my mother... Very interesting,I just wait to see him and to read your comments in one post in here.

    I hope that soon it'll come here also in Romania to us, if not, I will find it on a DVD or online maybe... smiles

    All the best in your life!


  2. Hi, Dyeve!
    I do not usually comment this matter on this blog because I like being eclectic. But as a good spiritist, I could not stop commenting about the movie. Indeed, this is the "religion" that gave me consistent answers to my expectations.
    Take a look at:

    Vă mulţumim din nou

  3. Thanks. I looked on links that you've gived to me and also this weekend I have a promiss about this movie. Hureey!..I will see "Nosso Lar" : P

    PS_I have a little suggestion .. you can shrink the video size if you want .. choosing not to leave the page .. :p
    for example: use object width="400" height="340" and it fits better. :P


  4. Hi Dyeve.
    It worked! Thank you for teaching me this.
    I hve just read the book that origined this film. Now I can compare them. This is the first one of a serie of 6 books. I'm reading the second now.
    See U.

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