domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

I received this stamp – Recebí este selo

... one of the first person who followed my blog (from Romania):

... de uma das primeiras pessoas que acompanharam meu blog (da Romênia):

This is an equipment belt for paraglider

Isto é um cinto para o equipamento de paraglider

Thank U very much, Dyeve! I'm really happy with the gift.

Valeu, Dyeve!

2 comentários:

  1. smiles. I'm glad you liked it - with much pleasure.
    The truth is - I don't have so many virtual friends from blogging world who are walking "all day long" :P with a paraglinder :)) and besides this you're an interesting person from which I always learned something when I wanted to find out new things about the Brazilian people.

    Until next time..All the Best into you're life with your loved ones!



  2. Tks Dy.
    Not really fly so often. I spend more time on the internet than flying :p But I love learning about other cultures, and I discovered that I can learn It from my virtual friends!
    See U, and tks again by the award.